Venetiae Fragrance Diffuser

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Venice’s magic and the charm of a thousand-year history linking mankind to the lagoon come back to life in “VENETIÆ”, Locherber Milano’s new and exclusive project.

A love for beauty, a quest for uniqueness and a passion for detail: these are the values that inspire every creation from Locherber Milano, which has turned scenting interiors into a genuine form of art.

 Indeed, “VENETIÆ” is not “just” a new fragrance inspired by the lagoon: it is a piece of history and Venetian culture, a tribute to one of its most ancient traditions, which becomes a rare and refined object thanks to expert artisanal manufacturing and elegant design.

 By recovering the “briccole” (the poles that the lagoon’s inhabitants have been using for thousands of years to mark the navigable waterways and regulate the maritime traffic), the new T2 stopper has been created. Its lines, inspired by the ancient, square and concave capitals of classic columns, are now an icon for Locherber Milano.

 These poles, usually in oak wood, immersed for years in the brackish waters of the lagoon, withstand erosion from the Teredeo navalis, a mollusc that feeds on wood. For this reason, since ancient times, it has been terrorising sailors, able to quickly destroy port structures and boat hulls.

 But it is precisely these attacks by the molluscs that make the beaten “briccole” an original material. Shaped by expert hands, using a meticulous, artisanal manufacturing process, it gives life to authentic masterpieces: unique pieces, true treasures of craftsmanship that tell a fascinating and unrepeatable story, recreating a mythical atmosphere.

 The new Briccole stopper represents a precious detail for the elegant blue bottle, which is painted by hand and makes the diffuser a sought-after and exclusive piece of design.

 Fresh like the sea breeze and sensual like the oriental spices that the Serenissima Republic of Venice’s merchants brought to Europe: “VENETIÆ” tells, also through smell, of the charm of a city that is one of a kind the world over.

A fragrance that opens with iodised and citrus notes (bergamot and lemon) develops into floral (lavender) and Mediterranean (myrtle and seaweed) aromas, before closing with a final woody and musky scent.


Hand-painted glass bottle.
Fabric label.
Wooden barrels of “briccole”.

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